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Every organization has its own reason to do strategic planning and to seek out a business plan consultant or strategy consulting firm such as The Planning Group. Our first step is to help you define crystal clear objectives for your strategic planning efforts. We never create business plans that are just window dressing to fill a corporate planning requirement. Planning is hard work for the management teams involved, and the objectives must help drive your organization to a new and better place. These objectives often include:

  • A plan that will be used as a blueprint to actually help leaders run the organization
  • A plan to externally articulate an organization’s value proposition, vision, strategy, and prospects to secure financing, or other considerations
  • Credibility among owners, shareholders, and boards that the firm has a cohesive and compelling strategy, with a clear vision for the future and an executable plan in place
  • A clear sense of priorities, focus and energy among the management team
  • A line of sight that all employees can relate to as they attempt to reconcile their duties with the vision and strategy of the firm
  • Understanding, and agreement among the management team about where the organization is going and how it will get there


Once the objectives are understood, we will help you identify who is essential to the process, and how to get them involved in an appropriate manner. Strategic planning done well is as much about experiential change among the participants as it is about creating plans that will actually improve the organization. It is usually our goal to move the plans, process, and participants ahead, in parallel, over the course of several quarters rather than trying to create a grand strategy in one quarter.

From that point, we will employ individual interviews, surveys, and facilitated group sessions to help you accomplish your goals. The resulting plans are both visionary and practical, and paint a picture of the desired future state of your organization, and a roadmap to get there.



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